WhatsApp Down: WhatsApp, & WhatsApp Web are down for several users around the Globe.


The exact cause of the WhatsApp outage remains unclear. Other Meta-owned services, such as Instagram and Facebook, work fine in India. It appears users in other countries are also affected by the outage.

As per the outage tracker, Downdetector, many users started facing issues with the WhatsApp mobile app and web at around 12:30 PM today, October 25. At the time of writing this article, over 2,000 users reported issues with the app on the website. Downdetector also points out that 69% of users are facing issues with sending messages, while 21 per cent of users are facing server connection-related problems. Around 9 per cent of users face other unknown issues with the smartphone app.

WhatsApp is down for thousands, with over 20,000 crash reports suggesting a major outage. (Image Source: DownDetector)

BrowseBytes.com can confirm that the outage is affecting both personal chats as well as group chats. It currently seems impossible to send a message on WhatsApp groups, but personal chats also seem to be primarily affected.

WhatsApp Web also appears to be affected by the outage, and we can confirm that the app’s web client is simply not connecting anymore. Anyone trying to use WhatsApp Web will be greeted with an error message like the one seen below.

WhatsApp Web is also not working, as people continue to wait for a fix for the outage. (Image Source: WhatsApp Web)
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