Google Down: Gmail, YouTube & other services went down.


Gmail users while signing in are getting an error message saying “Temporary Error”.

As the major drawback the Search Engine Giant Google’s, Gmail & YouTube services stopped working on Monday Evening(IST) which is 14th December 2020. Reports are mounting on Twitter as users can’t access its basic services, with Gmail and the hashtag “#YouTubeDOWN” starting to trend.

This not only affected the Gmail and YouTube services but other facilities as well including Google Docs, Google Sheets and etc.,

Gmail users found themselves being greeted with a “Temporary Error” message.

It greeted with: “We’re sorry, but your account is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes.

On YouTube and Google Drive, an error with the message: “Something went wrong…” was being displayed to users.

This outage is also impacting YouTube viewers, and companies that rely on Google Workspace, users are reporting that smart home gadgets integrated with Google Assistant are experiencing issues.

The outage appears to be worldwide. We’ve verified that services are experiencing issues in the US, UK, Netherlands, and Japan, and DownDetector’s outage reports are spanning the globe.

This is a developing story. Further details are to be updated.

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