Tech Giants CEO’s v/s US Congress: All Details


On Wednesday the pioneers of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google took a merciless political lashing Wednesday as Democrats and Republicans faced the administrators for employing their market capacity to squash contenders and hoard information, clients, and out of this world benefits.

The executive of the antitrust board, opened a congressional examination of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google a year ago, intending to investigate whether the tech business’s most powerful group of four organizations had achieved their status through conceivably hostile to serious methods. Accordingly, the four CEOs — Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Google’s Sundar Pichai — took the testimony box to furiously safeguard their organizations.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will take the virtual remain on Monday — his fourth time affirming under the steady gaze of administrators in two years — while twirling inquiries concerning the organization’s closeness with the Trump organization and a publicist blacklist over the informal community’s hands-off way to deal with policing detest discourse by lawmakers. 

Facebook has utilized its in excess of 80 acquisitions to accomplish strength in the internet based life showcase. The organization procured Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014. It has 2.9 billion month to month clients all through the world.



Some of the democrats confronted Zukerberg for his past e-mails. The top legislator on the House Judiciary Committee raised a 2012 message where Zuckerberg clearly said he looked to secure Instagram, which at the time was an opponent photograph sharing application, out of dread that it could “seriously hurt us.” 

Also  highlighted other Facebook correspondences that depicted the organisation’s procurement as “a land snatch.” 

“We contend hard. We contend decently. We attempt to be the best,” Zuckerberg said prior in the consultation.

He also said, “Facebook  had represented free expression and discourse against a rising tide of global oversight, highlighting new contenders including TikTok.” 

Ms. Jayapal also uncovered messages and records in which Zuckerberg told the originator of Instagram, during the time spent exchanges to obtain the photograph sharing help in 2012, that he was building a copycat camera administration. Zuckerberg would “go into decimating mode” if he didn’t sell Instagram to him.

Blamed for advanced survellience against it’s rivals.

Mr Johnson got some information about devices that Facebook uses to get experiences into the opposition. 

He referenced Facebook’s 2013 obtaining of an Israeli security application called Onavo Protect, which the organization used to pick up and see how many people have installed the application and using it. That helped Facebook screen expected contenders and jump on quickly developing new strategies and schemes.

The Onavo administration offered shoppers a virtual private system that camouflages the traffic of cell phone clients as they peruse the Internet and use applications. Be that as it may, while it publicized itself to clients as an approach to “guard you and your information,” Facebook was capable, toward the back, to gather itemized experiences about what buyers were doing when they were not utilizing Facebook’s own applications, which incorporate Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. 

Before Facebook obtained Onavo, the funding network utilized it to screen quickly developing organizations that may merit putting resources into. Facebook shut down that get to when it purchased Onavo, which it covered a year ago.

But Onavo’s terms of administration didn’t make it clear to clients that the application empowered its proprietor, Facebook, to gather their data for that reason, and the way that the application was possessed by Facebook

Zuckerberg indeed had numerous explanations behind the securing. 

Facebook has duplicated key highlights of different administrations, for example, Snapchat.


During his first congressional declaration in December 2018, Google CEO Sundar Pichai confronted a torrent of charges that his organiSation was editing traditionalist voices. In any case, the mannered official developed solid from the almost four-hour hearing, having obligingly shielded the inquiry and great coming out of it.

He has a freely affable relationship with the White House, and Google teamed up with them on coronavirus extends prior this year.

He underlined that Google is centered around giving individuals access to innovation, to administrations that can give people and independent ventures an advantage.

Google is being examined by the national government as well as by an alliance of states and periodically by the European Union for its gigantic size and the prevailing situation in advanced publicizing and Web search.



REP Kelly Armstrong asked questions about the privacy concerns people are having. Armstrong said GDPR has dug in enormous organizations, for example, Google, and been hurtful for private companies. 

Pichai replied “they care a lot about the privacy and security of the users.”

Ms. Jayapal delved into Google’s advertising business during the last round of inquiries in the conference and showed a report sketching on how Google controls a dominant part of both sell-side advertising and purchase side and  kicking it off by soliciting CEO Pichai what share from the advertisement trade showcase Google controls, to which 

Pichai said “ he is not familiar with the exact idea, but I have seen multiple reports yet you know, we are a well-known decision, ”

Administrators have communicated worry about Google’s predominance in the promotion showcase on the grounds that the organization controls a stage for sponsors to purchase advertisement space just as a large number of the sites where those advertisements show up. 

 And not to ignore the fact that Google’s Sundar Pichai was the sleekest among all the CEO’s. He wore an exquisite charcoal suit and coordinating tie and was all around confined behind a work area. He sat with impeccable stance, and when he talked, his motions were emotive however not rushed. He watched out for steeple his fingers as he endeavored to answer the House Judiciary subcommittee individuals’ wandering inquiries that wavered between protection issues and paranoid ideas.


Apple CEO Tim Cook will show up as one of the best corporate giants in history, having managed the iPhone creator’s transient ascent during his nine-year history in charge, bringing the organization from a market capitalization of under $400 billion to $1.6 trillion. 

Apple’s strength can’t be exaggerated. Although iPhone deals have been on the decay, they despite everything earned the organization $56 billion in benefit in the main quarter of the monetary year.

Apple wants to bring its strength into new markets, for example, human services, where it has just put its foot in the entryway of the clinical preliminary industry. As Apple adds sensors to its wearable gadgets, for example, the Apple Watch, the information those sensors accumulate can be important devices for clinical think-tanks hoping to test new medications or medicines.



Apple CEO Tim Cook has fabricated a nearby and open relationship with President Trump, which has delivered profits for the organization, gaining it exceptions during the U.S. exchange war with China thus far from the moderate drove assaults on other enormous innovation organizations, for example, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. 

Tim Cook calls Donald Trump straightforwardly which is truly great as others talk to the former officials first, Trump said. 

At this point they have several Twitter names in manner called “Tim Apple.”

Cook joined Trump’s board on man-made brainpower, his work environment strategy warning board, and his warning council on reviving the economy. 

Apple piped benefits to Ireland, keeping cash shielded abroad and out of the span of U.S. charge gatherers. Cook called for far-reaching charge change. That upgrade happened at an early stage in Trump’s residency and permitted Apple and different organizations to bring the cash once more from Ireland at a lower charge rate. Apple had contended that the mixture of capital would help prod monetary development, yet it’s indistinct whether that has occurred.


Apple official Phil Schiller, who administers the Apple App Store, advanced Apple’s Screen Time application to clients who whined to the organization about the evacuation contending administrations, as per a report referred to by Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.). 

After the application was launched by Apple a lot of applications were nowhere got be seen to the app store. Apple doesn’t care about the third-party developers as such.

McBath called attention to that the applications were permitted back on the stage a half year later.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the one in particular who has never testified with Congress.

He consolidated the company in 1994 and appeared in the web-based business webpage in 1995. In that time, Amazon has become the biggest online retailer in the nation, representing 38.5 percent of U.S. online business deals in June, as per Rakuten Intelligence.

To deliver products around the globe, the organization has quickly extended its number of representatives. Toward the finish of March, it utilized 840,400 specialists, most by far of whom work in distribution centers spread the world over. 

As it has developed, Amazon has become a danger in pretty much any market in which it works. Past selling products on the web, the focal point of the present hearing, Amazon additionally makes electronic gadgets, for example, its Kindle advanced books and its Echo voice-initiated speakers that go up against Apple and Google, among others. 


Cicilline and Rep. Lucy McBath grilled Bezos over the organization’s capacity to go up against the outsider traders who sell in its commercial center. 

Both he and McBath raised instances of dealers who blamed Amazon for taking their thoughts or suspending their selling accounts.

McBath faced Bezos with a dealer who was limited, she claimed, because it contended with Amazon in coursebook deals. Also, when the vender attempted to find solutions, she didn’t hear anything from the organization. 

Bezos said that it was not yet that he was unconscious of the particular case. 

Amazon was also grilled as they promote their own products through Alexa speakers and about whether it prevents competing streaming services from living on its fire devices and Amazon scrapes data fro.m third-party sellers to release competing products on the amazon market-place and third-party sellers describe it as drug dealer company.

Bezos said that it was not yet that he was unconscious of the particular case. 

He also said, “Amazon offers 1.7 million medium-sized organizations the chance to sell their products on the website and we are getting to there bottom of it at keep looking at it.”

Bezos diverted to regularly avoid organization administrators that Congress should take a look at all retail deals as it thinks about the antitrust guidelines. 

That is significant on the grounds that it diffuses Amazon’s capacity in retail deals. The organization represents approximately 4 percent of generally speaking retail deals, internet business deals, a market where Amazon holds an around 38 percent share. 

Bezos pushed back on the differentiation saying I don’t accept that“ e-commerce is a different market ,it is a different channel.

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