Looted Devices from Apple Store are Remotely Bricked And Tracked.


People who looted the Apple Store at The Grove are in shock as they won’t be able to use or sell the stolen Apple Devices because Apple already took action in the earlier stages being smart.

So what looters thought after they looted the expensive Apple Devices that they’ll get away with it, but technically Apple made those Stolen Devices an expensive paperweight.

Sources tell us, the iPhones/iPads and MacBooks stolen from the Apple Store are only for demo purposes, and they have in-built special programs that prevent the products from being reset to factory settings, making them almost useless or unusable.

Stolen devices that are with the looters are displaying a message which says, “This device has been disabled and is being tracked. Local authorities will be alerted.”

Robbers who robbed the outdoor shopping complex were not able to rob into the Apple Store’s highly-secured area, where the gadgets for sale are kept.

It sounds good for Apple as the sources say the looting at two Apple Stores in L.A. is not as bad as it seemed at very first glimpse.

Still, Apple is being extra careful with this looting of stores, due to which it’s still keeping a number of stores closed in the United State.

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