Apple macOS users are attacked by ransomware: All you need to know


New ransomware have been found attacking macOS says, cybersecurity researchers. To know more read ahead.

A new strain of ransomware called EvilQuest has been found by the cybersecurity researchers whose target Apple macOS users who use pirated applications. This is K7 Computing’s second Mac malware discovery after the file-less Trojan identified last December. Ransomware threatens the victims by encrypting files and demand a ransom to decrypt them.

‘EvilQuest’ goes to the next level by installing a keylogger to record the user’s keystrokes, it is a reverse shell allowing the attacker to run custom commands on the victim’s macOS system, and steal files that are used by crypto-currency wallets, K7 Computing said in a statement on Friday.

EvilQuest demands $50 in Bitcoin Crypto-Currency to decrypt the encrypted files but even after decrypting the files, they still have the ability to steal the victim’s credentials and other data through the other malware installed along with the ransomware installed on the macOS.

“EvilQuest demonstrates that cybercriminals rapidly evolve attacks on every platform. By bundling ransomware with other malware they create threats that remain malicious even after the ransom is paid, confirming the futility of paying the ransom to cyber attackers,” said J Kesavardhanan, Founder and CEO of K7 Computing.

Theres no comment on this report by the Apple. K7 Threat Labs was formed to be at the forefront of malware analysis and repeatedly discovering new attacks.

“The ongoing Covid-19 scenario has given rise to increased levels of cyber threats and hacks and new strains of malware are on the upswing,” said the researchers.

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