The new Microsoft Surface Duo: All you need to know

Image Source: Microsoft

An early blog entry by Mircosoft revealed their new smartphone. There has been a lot of buzz about the smartphone on Twitter by Microsoft since 2019 when it was first announced.

Microsoft will be delivering another smartphone after the discontinuation of windows 10 mobile, it’s known as the Surface Duo, earlier it was decided that it will be launched during the 2020 Christmas season, however, it’s currently coming a lot prior in on September 10th, 2020 and pre-orders have already begun in the US.  

Windows chief Panos Panay said, “It does things that single screen gadgets can’t do, period.” Panay’s vision for the Surface Duo is to improve efficiency in a hurry, and Microsoft has additionally been accomplishing some fascinating work on the product side to praise the equipment.

Panay’s vision for the Surface Duo is to improve efficiency in a hurry, and Microsoft has additionally been accomplishing some fascinating work on the product side to praise the smartphone.

With one of a kind double screen usefulness and Google’s Android frameworks all ready to hit the market. However, it can be a strong opponent to Apple iPhone. As far as the pricing is concerned it will be around $1399 (1,04,656 ) for a 6GB+256GB model.


Surface Duo is not like normal collapsing smartphones. The Surface Duo screen doesn’t crease. It has two separate screens, associated with a 360-degree pivot.

Surface Duo sports two 5.6-inch screens together they can split out to a limit of 8:1 inches and are set up in the 3:4 angle proportion. It comes at 1,800 x 1,350 on every one of the two showcases, and a sum of 2,700 x 1,800 when reached out. That includes 401 pixels for each inch.

There’s additionally the factor of pen support, so the user wouldn’t need to stress over the screen when using and it is secured by Corning Gorilla Glass as it needed solid support so that I won’t twist.

These screens are AMOLED display Microsoft says that implies the presentations are dynamic, on account of an exclusive adjustment procedure and dynamic pixel arrangement. They both support a wide shading range.


The Surface Duo accompanies Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor inside, with 6GB of RAM and 128 or 256GB of base storage. It will support 4G networks and you won’t be able to exploit the advantages of upcoming phones. 

Like iPhones, there is no expandability or SD card support, either, so make certain to pick a model with capacity that is directly for you.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro max have a battery backup of 3110 mAh and 3969 mAh respectively. However, the Surface duo is backed up by 3577 mAh battery but the Galaxy fold is backed up by 4380 mAh battery. The smartphone comes with an 18 Watt quick charger.


Surface Duo supports a single 11-megapixel f/2.0 camera, which will incorporate auto modes for low light, HDR multi-outline catches, and a “superzoom” up to 7x. Both 4K and 1080p video recording will be upheld at 30fps and 60fps, with electronic picture adjustment. 

It additionally has a video HDR mode and can shoot moderate movement recordings at 1080p at 120 edges or 240 frames for every second.

Still, the question is whether two screens are really required. But it is totally up to customers whether they prefer two screens or not, otherwise, it will just be about reshaping the smartphones.

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