Gmail, G-suite, and Google Apps are partially down

Image Source: 9TO5Google

Lately Gmail, Google Drive users, generally in India, portions of the U.S., Australia, Japan and Malaysia are detailing that they can’t get to the previously mentioned Google administrations. 

Users are expressing and sharing their screenshots of failed emails on twitter and the hashtag #Gmail has been trending on Twitter for some time now. Issues began late on Wednesday evening (PT) and proceed into the early long stretches of Thursday.

Users are having sending issues, making records issues in Drive, posting message issues in Google Chat, CSV client transfer issues in Admin Console, Voice mail. Google is still investigating the outage and is yet to provide any concrete details and said on Thursday “We apologize for the bother and thank you for your understanding and proceeded with help,” on G Suite Status Dashboard. 

You should have certainty that providing a suitable framework is a fundamental worry at Google, and we are making predictable moves up to improve our systems.” Google included.

Today, Google said that the Gmail issues have been settled, and its dashboard has been refreshed to show that all administrations were working ordinarily.

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