The US looking for banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok: Mike Pompeo.


US lawmakers raised concerns about national security in the case of TikTok’s handling of user data, saying about the domestic companies required by Chinese laws in order to support and cooperate with intelligence work which is controlled by the Chinese communist party.

The app, which is not available in china, is now making the distance from the Chinese roots itself to appeal to a global audience and has stressed its independence from China.

In the remarks of Pompeo, there Is an amid which is increasing US-china tensions over the pass over of the coronavirus outbreak, the expectation of nearly two-year trade war in hong kong due to china’s actions.

Tiktok says it will exit the hong kong market within days.TikTok said it will exit the hong kong market within days, a spokesman told Reuters on late Monday, as other technology companies including Facebook included which suspended the processing government requests for user data in the region.

ByteDance Tiktok originated from China has made the decision to exit the region following china’s establishment of sweeping a new national security law for the developing/independent city.

The company, which is currently run by Co-executive Kevin Mayer, former of Walt Disney has said that the user data of the app is not stored, in china said in the past.

India banned 59 apps mostly of china last week including TikTok and WeChat, as its the strongest move yet targeting china in online space since the crisis of border erupted last month. the move has diminished big businesses of china potentially’ expansion plans for the South Asian market.

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