Apple Watch Series 6 Confirmed.

Apple Watch Series 6 Confirmed

Apple just made an announcement for there September 15 launch event, which will be held virtually on YouTube due to the ongoing CoronaVirus Pandemic, So Apple made a live stream event on YouTube where the metadata contains a keyword “Series 6” in it, which confirms that there is an Apple Watch Series 6 will be launched in the upcoming scheduled 15 September 2020 Apple Event in Apple Park.

This keyword can be directly related to the rumoured Apple Watch Series 6, there are many other keywords as well but Series 6 being on of them confirms it.

The Apple Watch Series 6 will come with the latest watchOS 7, having great features which previous generations had, with new and better internals than before. It could be powered by Apple in house made silicon for Watch “S6” successor to Silicon “S5” found in Watch Series 5.

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