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Top 5 Amazon Prime Originals Series to watch this weekend


Amazon propelled its first original series in 2013. However it has a lot of content to choose from, so we set aside the effort to do it for you. Here’s a snappy groundwork, ideally offering a couple of good places to bounce in and begin streaming.

  • Bosch
  • Fleabag
  • Transparent
  • Homecoming
  • Forever


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It is created by Eric Overmyer. It is American drama released in 2014 by amazon. It has released 7 seasons so far and the final episode of the season was premiered on February 13, 2020, featuring Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch, a veteran analyst in the murder unit of the LAPD. Since he is a cop on TV, he must be somewhat of a butt face. You know the sort – he defies orders, does things his own specific manner, annoys his bosses, be that as it may, kid, does he get results.

Bosch follows a suspect down a back street without his accomplice. At the point when the presume takes out a weapon on him, Bosch shoots and murders him. He is currently in a common preliminary over the illegitimate demise of the man (his family says the weapon was planted after the shooting). The preliminary methods he is suspended from obligation, however by one way or another he and his accomplice (wind up examining the passing of a young adult kid whose skeleton is found in Laurel Canyon. 

It’s something we see a ton nowadays in comic books, where everything is brilliant and lovely on a superficial level, however, our fundamental spotlight is on the decrepit underside, which appears to be considerably starker.

Be curious about finding out how the mystery ends.


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Fleabag is a British comedy-drama series which is created and written by Phoebe Wallerbridge, which is based on her one-woman show first performed in 2013. it also includes cringe comedy and tragicomedy too. the series was released and ended up by 21 July 2016 – 8 April 2019. there are around 2 seasons each of 12 episodes of duration around 23 – 28 minutes each.

Fleabag (the name is never clarified) presents herself from the start as a lady in charge of her own story: an urbane singleton, living in London, who beds whom she picks, dropping jokes amidst the demonstration. Outwardly, Waller-Bridge takes after a nineteen-forties femme fatale (ash hair, block lips), and she frequently reshapes her face.

Be that as it may, splits rapidly show up. Fleabag enthusiastically turns each circumstance sexual, pulling off her sweater during a prospective employee meet-up or stroking an irregular cucumber.

As Fleabag describes, she inclines her head confidingly to break the fourth divider or murmurs a jest from the side of her lipsticked mouth. Fleabag nails disassembling the fourth divider, however, do as such in a way that is so nice, vital, and eventually disastrous (TRAGIC) that the nominal character’s story would be missing something vital without it.

Such minutes transform the watcher into Fleabag’s new closest companion, with whom she’s attempting to share a private anecdote about the inceptions of her agony.


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Transparent is an American comedy-drama web series which is created by Joey Soloway for amazon studios that released on 6,2014. the story is about a family in Los Angeles and their lives following the discovery that their parent is a trans woman which is named Maura. the first season of the series was released on September 26, 2014, second season on December 11, 2015, third season on September 23, 2016, and fourth season on September 21, 2017, and the latest season 5 was released on September 27, 2019. there are around a total of 41 episodes of around the duration of 27 – 31 minutes each.

Transparent isn’t just Maura’s story; it’s likewise about her three kids, who battle to discover satisfaction in their day by day lives. Sarah, the oldest, is in a cold relationship and discovers comfort in the arms of a previous sweetheart. Josh, the center youngster, has never had a utilitarian relationship with a lady. Ali, the most youthful, is consistently eager, continually moving from thought to thought and the show can be quite funny.

Their accounts make Maura’s excursion into womanhood not so much close to home but rather more familial. In any case, she is attached to the youngsters she raised as a man. Regardless of whether her kids like it or not, they should acknowledge who their dad has become.

You don’t have to stress over the show’s future or uncertain cliffhangers. Simply sit back, unwind, and inundate yourself into the wild world.


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Homecoming is an American psychological thriller web series which is based on the gimlet media podcast of the same name created by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg, that released on November 2, 2018, on prime video. The series includes 2 seasons each season is around 17 episodes with a duration of around 24 – 37 minutes each.

Homecoming, one of the astounding things that are going on in the space of more TV than we can expend in any event, when it is unequivocally our activity is the introduction of the half-hour dramatization. It’s right around a symptom of web arrangement – when you invest the energy in discussions or littler minutes or stories that aren’t comedic however aren’t clearing enough for a conventional hourlong show, you have these dynamic, power-filled half hours. Homecoming never under any circumstance stops to slowly inhale, and it’s likewise some way for heaps of quiets.

In some cases, it can feel like each TV show that you watch mixes together and they all look the equivalent outwardly. That is unquestionably not the situation with Amazon Prime’s Homecoming. 

The show is shot in a fascinating style, most prominently when Shea Whigham’s character, Thomas Carrasco, is examining what’s happening at Homecoming. The scenes are shot from above and it would seem that he’s in a labyrinth. The show makes exploring look intriguing, which is an extremely hard activity (and something that the astounding Oscar-winning film Spotlight oversaw too).


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Forever is an American fantasy crime drama web series which is created by Matt Miller, it aims at the character of Dr. Henry Morgan which is an immortal medical examiner in new york who uses his expensive knowledge to assist the police department of new york city in solving crimes and to discover a way to end his immortality. the series contains 1 season in which there are 22 episodes and the duration of around 42 minutes each.

While the show’s first season is just 8 scenes, it takes the initial four to set up the show’s circumstance and get to the genuine purpose of what it’s about. Furthermore, that circumstance is so brimming with exciting bends in the road that we can’t generally examine them without ruining things. 

The Characters are veterans with account driven satire, and they’ve taken the story to an extraordinary here. The title of the show may give you a thought of where it’s going, however, the ending to that point is amazingly fulfilling.

There’s a characteristic science between the two long-term companions that shows through in how common and ad-libbed discourse is. They truly appear to be a couple that has been together for quite a while. 

Armisen works superbly as the dumbfounded Oscar, who is so agreeable in his normal that he has no clue about that June isn’t. What’s more, from the principal gaze into space during the initial montage, Rudolph plays June as somebody who doesn’t need out, yet wouldn’t like to continue doing this, either.



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