Telegram Beta gets Video Calling & Bubble Notification Features

Image Source: XDA Developers/ Pranob Mehrotra

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over service which has now come up with a most crucial feature which is video calling, now telegram users can connect through their contacts by video calls and group calls via Telegram and now the users can also opt for Telegram to make a video or group calls soon.

The app will be available for installing along with the regular app that you use. Telegram is focusing on the encryption side of its video calling tools with other more updates and is putting aside the apps which have scrutiny in lack of security and privacy. Apparently, the feature is in its early stage but, Telegram lies in the same stance and can now stand with its competitors like WhatsApp, Viber, and other instant messaging and video calling apps.

The Company is testing its new feature in the Beta version of the app and users want to use the Beta feature of the app they need to download version 7.0.0 Beta or the new app from the Microsoft app center platform. This latest feature comes for iOS, Android and Mac users and has also updated its new features for Mac users as they can now access shared media directly from redesigned profile pages and if users have a lot of folders they can also put their extra folders in the new folder sidebars with icons on the style of Telegram desktop as the company has increased the file share from 1.5 GB to 2 GB.

The feature can be accessed by tapping on the three-dot menu available on the chat screen at the right corner. Most probably the app is going to provide a similar video call interface as the other apps provide. It has also come up with new features varying from profile videos and detailed thumbnails for the group users.

Moreover, Telegram has not announced anything about the new feature of video calling officially but will maybe roll out the feature by the end of the year or maybe early. Apart from video calling the app will support Android 11’s Bubble Notifications.

Image Source: XDA Developers/ Pranob Mehrotra

Telegram Beta Version 6.3.0 started testing floating chat head bubbles late last month, which could be enabled via a debug option in the app’s settings. But on Android 11 the debug option didn’t enable native Bubbles. Telegram’s chat head bubbles now work with Android 11’s native Bubbles API, but you still need to enable the debug option on the latest release. Kindly refer to the above-attached screenshot, the chat bubbles appear in the Conversations section of the notification shade.

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