Friday, December 8, 2023
Fake TikTok Malware spreading through Whatsapp, Maharashtra Cyber Cell Warns

Fake TikTok Malware Link Spreading On Whatsapp: Maharashtra Cyber Cell Alerts

Malware is being spread on WhatsApp in the name of TikTok a short video application, Maharashtra cyber cell warns. The cyber cell said that...

WhatsApp Now Working? Last Seen Issues reported on iOS, Android #WhatsAppDown

Is WhatsApp Not Working on Android Devices and iPhone's? India users reported last seen, Typing... or Online status cannot be seen and also connection...

WhatsApp brings the first-ever global brand campaign in India.

On Saturday WhatsApp launched its first brand campaign in India which is narrating relating stories about daily communications of Indians on WhatsApp with their...

Facebook, Instagram Apps will ask you to wear a mask when...

Facebook and Instagram are trying to help their application users during the times of Coronavirus to prevent the spread of it. Read here how. Facebook...

WhatsApp loophole that can leak private texts and pictures.

With over 400 million active users in India, WhatsApp remains the most used web messaging service. But this also makes it prone to be...

Facebook starts merging Instagram and messenger chats

Facebook’s CEO Zuckerberg has declared designs to coordinate all the organization's informing administrations and in the previous two years, it re-marked Instagram and WhatsApp...

How to get digital avatar on Facebook: Step by step Guide

On Tuesday, June 30 Facebook launched a new feature which is called by the nameof "AVATAR" in India by which users can access or...

Tech Giants CEO’s v/s US Congress: All Details

On Wednesday the pioneers of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google took a merciless political lashing Wednesday as Democrats and Republicans faced the administrators for...

Facebook’s new feature helps Indian women to easily lock their accounts

Facebook has launched a new safety feature in India that will enable users to easily lock their account so that people they are not friends...