Marvel Themed Fortnite Set To Launch Soon

Image Source: Fortnite

Fortnite first introduced Marvel theme back in 2018 and then brought it back in 2019. And it has been a huge success since it first appeared. Numerous Marvel-themed skins such as Deadpool, Thanos, etc have made their way into the game.

Epic Games, the company behind the game has recently been in a feud with Apple, resulting in a ban from the app store and play store. The ongoing battle between the two is because Apple has alleged that Fortnite violated in-app payment guidelines. So, the iOs users will not receive the latest game updates.

But Epic Games, even after its removal is set to launch a new Marvel-themed chapter on Fortnite on 27 August. The company posted a teaser on twitter which has a Marvel logo in it. The Fortnite logo has also a Marvel-ish kind of theme to it

Moreover, Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, has also launched a campaign against Apple, which is a video titled, “Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite”. The campaign is a jibe at Apple notorious ad “1984” and it promotes #FreeFortnite.

The company also announced the #FreeFortnite Cup with anti-Apple prizes. The tournament’s prizes include an in-game Tart Tycoon outfit, which has an evil-persona. The character was used in the recent ad campaign against Apple. Also, the color scheme adopted by Fortnite for their hats is a rip-off of Apple’s old logo color scheme.

“Additionally, we’re giving away 1,200 pieces of gaming hardware (phones, consoles, and PC’s). Just because you can’t play on iOS doesn’t mean there aren’t other awesome places to play Fortnite,” the company said in its post and also added some prizes free from apple products such as:

  • Alienware Gaming Laptop®
  • Razer® Gaming Laptop
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7®
  • OnePlus 8 – 90FPS on a phone
  • PlayStation 4 Pro®
  • Xbox One X®
  • Nintendo Switch®

For full details on eligibility and ways to win read our #FreeFortnite Cup rules.

In addition to all of this, Microsoft backs Epic Games in their legal battle, when Apple said that they would revoke Epic’s access to developer tools on mac and ios. Microsoft said that it will damage “critical technology” for any third party game creators. It also has criticized Apple’s app store terms.

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