India Lockdown 4.0: Essential & Non-essential deliveries back to normal, All you need to know.


E-commerce giants including Amazon, Snapdeal welcome lockdown 4.0 guidelines to begin deliveries in Red zones. Containment areas prohibited.

With lockdown 4.0, the government of India has announced some more relief for e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others. The latest guidelines confirm e-commerce platforms will be delivering both essential as well as non-essential products in zones. Allowing everyone in Green, Red, and Orange zones can now order smartphones, laptops, gadgets accessories from any e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce deliveries: All you must know

Except for containment zones e-commerce platforms will be able to deliver all kinds of products at every location with the start of lockdown 4.0. The government has said that containment zones or areas with higher number of coronavirus cases will be closely monitored and no movement will be allowed apart from medical emergencies and supply of essential goods. This means people living in containment zones can only order essential products.

Commenting on the new guidelines and relief for e-commerce platforms Snapdeal noted in a press statement, “We welcome the guidelines announced by the MHA, which pave the way for a broader resumption of economic activities across most parts of India. E-Commerce has played a crucial role in the last two months by delivering a range of much-needed goods to consumers – within the safety of their homes.”

“Our sellers and delivery partners have worked extensively to meet these requirements while exercising strict safety measures and we applaud their commitment to rising to the occasion. At Snapdeal, we are ready and equipped to now start serving customers all across India – in red, green, and orange zones – by providing them access to the entire selection of millions of products. This is also the moment that will enable lakhs of medium and small online sellers to start rebuilding their businesses as they serve the needs of users in cities and towns across India,” Snapdeal further noted.

Amazon spokesperson said, “Amazon welcomes the latest notification from Government of India as it enables ecommerce to deliver a wider selection of products while upholding the tenets of safety and social distancing. This will give a fillip to the 6 lakh retailers and MSMEs on our marketplace and help revive economic activity more broadly. We are humbled by the opportunity to be an extended partner to the Government as it balances saving lives alongside creating livelihood. We remain committed as always to ensuring the safety of our customers and our employees while creating business and employment opportunity.”

Before placing an online order you must check which zone your location belongs to by entering the pin code. If you live in containment zones you can order only essential products including medical products, groceries and so on.

How lockdown 4.0 rules different from lockdown 3.0 for e-commerce

After the relaxation in Green and Orange zones during the lockdown 3.0, e-commerce platforms such as Amazon requested the government to begin the delivery of non-essential in Red zones as well given that includes most of the big metropolitan cities like Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Pune, Bengaluru and so on.

To recollect, during the lockdown 3.0, the government allowed the non-essential delivery in Green and Orange zones while deliveries in Red zones were prohibited. All delivery agents are required to abide by all safety guidelines including wearing a face mask or cover, use hand sanitizer, and handle all packages with care.

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