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HP Omen 15, Pavilion 16 Gaming Laptops Launched in India: Price, Specs.


Spotting the next generation of gamers in India, on Tuesday the major HP inc with PC and printer major discovered new OMEN laptops and accessories, as well as, presenting the first 16-inch Pavilion gaming laptop in the country. The latest ‘OMEN 15’ gaming laptop promoting a redesigned chassis is now available in two chip variants – Intel and AMD which is making its CPU debut on the ‘OMEN’ series.

While OMEN 15 (Intel) is obtainable at a starting price of Rs 79,999, OMEN 15 (AMD) will start from Rs 75,999. The laptop supports a wide variety of storage options, counting up to 1TB PCIe SSD supporting ‘RAID 010’ for blazing load speeds.

Pavilion gaming 16-inch (Intel) laptop is accessible at a starting price of Rs 70,999 while the pavilion gaming 16-inch (AMD) device is obtainable from Rs 59,999, the company said in a statement.

“We understand that in gaming, no one-size-fits-all and hence, our award-winning OMEN series, along with Pavilion Gaming 16, truly caters to a different set of audiences based on their requirements,” said Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, Personal Systems, HP India Market.

The ‘OMEN 15’, with the smallest 15-inch gaming laptop footprint in the industry, provides a new OMEN diamond logo in a blue to green gradient. The laptop brings both Mica Silver and Shadow Black with optional full RGB per-key lighting.

The multi-tasking machines senates graphics up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super with MAX-Q design, up to 10th Gen Intel Core i7 H-series processors or up to AMD Ryzen 7 H-series processors, as well as up to 32GB RAM.

The OMEN 15 is reinforced by a new 180-degree flat hinge design for enlarged stability during hectic gaming sessions. The gamers can improve multi-stream HD and 4K video experiences with Thunderbolt 3 on select configurations.

The device has first implemented an ‘IR thermopile sensor’ of the industry to optimize cooling, keep up quiet fan acoustic control, and heighten the performance from the ‘Dynamic Power’ feature within OMEN Command Center.

The ‘OMEN Command Center update now authorizes battery life for up to 12.5 hours. The new HP Pavilion Gaming 16 laptop is the company’s first-ever 16-inch diagonal gaming PC. It reports up to 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphics within a sleek angular black chassis.

The device is the first Pavilion Gaming laptop to cover OMEN Command Center and is dressed with a Wi-Fi 6 option to keep a reliable connection during gaming. “HP continues to push progression in gaming by growing and evolving the ecosystem with enhanced experiences through a broad gaming portfolio,” said Bedi.

The company also established gaming accessories like OMEN Vector Mouse for Rs 3,999, HP ‘OMEN EXCEED’ backpack at Rs 5,999, HP Sombra Black Headset ‘A/P/X1000 Wireless’ gaming Headset at a starting price of Rs 7,999, HP OMEN Surpass rolltop for Rs 7,999 and the HP OMEN Duffle V1 for Rs 9,999.

he HP gaming line of accessories offers an enhanced experience of 20 hours of wireless freedom with the new HP ‘X1000 Wireless’ gaming Headset,” said the company.



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