Google unfolds its Virtual Visiting Cards in India

Image Source: Official Google India Blog

Google, on August 11 has come up with a new search feature that is aimed at helping individuals, influencers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, and anybody who wishes to be discovered online by building a virtual visiting card that highlights their social profiles or existing website. It is known as People Cards and it is first launched in India due to special affinity people in the World’s Second largest internet market. It can be discovered by the users in India in the English language and can be operated through mobile phones.

Interested users can create People Cards by searching your name after signing into your Google account for which they have to upload an image of themselves, add bio links, or social media profiles. The more information provided by the users will be ease as it would become easier for others to find them on Google search and users will have complete control of the information that want to be included on the card and can exclude the rest, also users can opt-out of the experience anytime which will stop their details from appearing when searched. In the end, by tapping on the save button the account is securely made.

Each user can create one People Card and which will be authenticated through the user’s mobile number and users also have the control to choose they want their verification number do be publicly available or not. Moreover, People’s Card is the latest app of Google to bring more functionalities into the search options.

How secure is People Card?

To ensure that the information is relevant, Google has put together a variety of protections and controls. It has also put offensive controls against abusive or offensive content. Besides this users can access the feedback button by which users can identify and also report low-quality information or a card that they believe is created by an impersonator.

While for the people looking to find someone on search with their name the card will be available. There is a module of name, profession, and location by which users can see their cards.

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