Google For India 2020: Digital Economy, Low Budget Smartphones, and more

Google to spend $10 bn in India: CEO Sundar Pichai
Source: Google

The sixth edition of Google’s India – centric event was held today for google for India 2020 and saying the declaration about several things for Indian users. The event started by Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, and alphabet, directing the keynote, jointly with Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of Communications, Electronics, and information technology and law & justice, Government of India, and more important people from Google.

Google For India 2020 has a center of attention on a digital future in India. the first and greatest announcement made by Sundar Pichai of google inserting a $10 billion google for digitization fund of India as an additional step in the digital economy of the country. the fund will keep a center of attention on updating users with information in their own languages in India, forging new products and services, ‘ authorizing businesses for their complete digital transformation, and structuring the use of AI and tech in different sectors like health, education and many more.

The main desire of the digitization fund is to provide all things in digital form for the people of India, mainly during the current crisis of COVID-19. Google also focuses to work firmly with PM Narendra Modi to take ahead his perception of Digital India and help more and more people achieve it.

Google For India 2020 Sunder Pichai Mention Read Along Bolo Mobile ...
Source: Google

Sanjay Gupta, Country Head and Vice President, Google India said “We’re looking forward to continuing the work of building a more inclusive and accessible internet for all Indians, and powering an internet economy that can shape India’s prosperity, beyond COVID-19 and long into the future.”

It is proposed that India is the second-largest mobile device manufacturing country in the world and googles focuses on more users to use the internet. Google has declared that it will conduct more low- budget smartphones in India so that users of feature phones shift to smartphones.

Moreover, Google will conduct ways to help online education and improve small businesses in India. For education, google has associated with CBSE, Education skill, and training for 2 million teachers to confirm to combine learning and give way to in online learning, paired with a classroom setup. moreover, Google will give $1 million to the Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) from so that students will less or no resources can get distance learning.

For businesses, Google has initiated the growth with google small business hub in India for businesses to get digital tools to grow. the mountain view company will also associate with Prasar Bharti for both education and entertainment series for small businesses to learn and modify according to the current crisis of COVID- 19.

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