Fix ‘This App Is No Longer Shared With You’, Apps on iOS 13 Not Working.


Getting a popup saying “This app is no longer shared with you error” on apps not working on iOS 13? Here’s what you have to do to fix it.

Many users running iOS 13 are currently facing issues in launching some of their iPhone and iPad apps after an App Store Bug caused them to see a popup saying “this app is no longer shared”.

Affected users have been reporting this issues across social media for a day or so, with affeted users are told to “View in App Store” by the prompt dialogue. When they do that they’re prompted to open the app which, in turn, takes them back to the same message. Causing an endless loop, and troubling users on iOS 13.

Users on iOS13.5 as well as some users on iOS 13.4.1 are also facing the similar issue. It isn’t clear what the actual issue is here, according to reports. It doesn’t affect all users or all apps either, with those from Google and Facebook particularly affected. It could just be a signal that these apps are the most used apps across the world, however.

How to fix this?

It seems that deleting the app and then re-installing it from the App Store again does fix it for some people. And if you’re have important data which makes you worry about losing any data you should try offloading the app rather than deleting it. The act of re-installing it afterwards does seem to return the app to a fully functioning state for those who have tested it. @AppleSupport has also suggested the same workaround for now.

We’d love to help! To resolve this without data loss, go to Settings > General > Storage > App (select app which has issue). Then tap “Offload App” and then tap “Reinstall App”. DM us if the issue persists, and we’ll continue there.

A full fix is likely something Apple will need to do server-side. Hopefully that’s already in the works by the time you’re reading this.

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