eSIM launched by Vodafone Idea: For iPhones Users In Selected Cities

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An embedded-SIM (eSIM) is a form of programmable SIM card which is embedded into a device in-built from manufacturers.

Vodafone’s idea has launched eSIM services in India. The telecom operator has launched the eSIM service on Monday. As consumers will continue to avail calling, without taking any further plan the customer will continue on his/her existing postpaid tariff plan. The announcement is still being done in phases, but users of Vodafone Idea’s network will take heart from the fact that a new phase of the eSIM services may be coming soon, in the near future.

Procedure to change your SIM to eSIM

If you are a registered Vodafone idea user, you need to SMS “eSIM<space>EmailID” at 199. In case if you don’t have an email ID registered, you are required to send an SMS “email id” to 199. This will initiate the eSIM registration process.

After entering a valid email id, you will receive a confirmation SMS. Users would need to reply with ‘ESIMY’ to confirm the eSIM change request. After that, you’ll get another SMS message from 199 asking you to provide consent over a phone call. A QR Code needs to be scanned on your device which comes on your email ID.

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Which are the eligible devices to operate an e-sim

The newly invented eSIM supports Vodafone users using Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max & iPhone XR. Although, the company has also declared that the eSim services will be extended for devices of other companies such as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold as well. 

This user needs to upgrade to the latest software version on these eligible handsets and make it eSIM ready operational in a limited number of circles.

Benefits of adopting an eSIM

  • Users can use dual SIM on your eSIM enabled phone with one physical sim and one eSIM.
  • Users will no longer need to obtain a physical SIM. Moreover, customers will no longer have to carry a physical SIM card in their mobile phones to make calls or access internet facilities. Everything will be done remotely by your mobile operator on the eSIM.

Who is eligible for eSIM?

All Vodafone postpaid existing or new customers of Vodafone Idea Limited (VIL) having an eligible device can get eSIM. The required users should have an eSIM supported handset.

How can a new Vodafone postpaid customer get eSIM?

For obtaining a new Vodafone postpaid connection, the customer needs to visit the Vodafone Store with his/her eSIM supported device, fulfill the KYC requirements, and request for eSIM. Users will need to provide your Proof of Identity and address to complete the KYC requirements.

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