Alert! 20 million users 1.2TB Personal Data On VPN Apps Leaked.


It looks like that VPN services are not secured as you may have imagined. Well, at least some of them. It emerged that the data of the users of VPN providers which is based on seven Hong Kong has been leaked online. The VPN services involve UFO VPN, FAST VPN, FREE VPN, SUPER VPN, FLASH VPN, SECURE VPN, and RABBIT VPN.

It is declared by these services that they have as many as 20 million users all around the world. As it was found by the researchers that the data of all of these 20 million users have been potentially leaked online, adding up to as much as 1.2TB worth of data.

The sever was exposed by a vpnMentor research team, which is guided by Noam Rotem, and they found the information of personally identified(PII) data that were collected by these VPN apps that have been leaked online. Fascinatingly adequate, these VPN services declare to offer “no-long” VPNs, which would propose they don’t keep records of any user activity on their network. somehow that looks like to be their big selling point.

Also, there are some of the VPN apps which are magnificently popular too, with very good ratings on both the google play store as well as on the apple app store. Super VPN which is developed by HongKong-based Nownetmobi has a rating of 4.6 stars on the google play store and 4.9 stars on the Apple app store. UFO VPN which is developed by Dreamfii HK limited has gained 4.5 stars on the google play store and 4.8 stars on the Apple app store.

it is said by the vpnMentor research team that they have reached out to all the VPN app developers who are recorded here and also the Hong Kong’s Computer Emergency Response Team (HKCERT) with the details.

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